Pet Friendly
Experience a stay in the finest accommodation

Welcome you and your beloved pets.

* Thank you for your cooperation in complying with the rules.*

  1. Inside the hotel rooms are equipped with mattresses, food containers, pee pads and bags for stools. for your pet
  2. Rules of stay
    (2.1) Pets must not weight more than 10 kg and must be able to carry and walk the hotel allows one pet per room. and additional charge of 500 baht will be charged.
    (2.2) Must be provide evidence of rabies vaccination

    (2.3) Cash deposit 2000 baht is required in case of no damage when checking out. The hotel will refund the deposit.

(2.4) Please clean the pet’s feet prior to arrival. In case of taking pets out of the
room must have a leash every time. or must be carried at all times
(2.5) Pets are not allowed in the room alone. If found, will be fined 1000 baht.
(2.6) Pet excretion for customers to clean and collect. by putting in a bag that the
hotel has prepared for and dispose of them in the trash outside the room.
(2.7)  The hotel does not provide food for pets. You will need to prepare by yourself.
(2.8) The hotel does not allow all kinds of linens in the rooms to be shared with pets.
(2.9) The hotel does not allow pets in the pool (fine 5000 baht per time)
(2.10) You are responsible for any damage to the property by pets. The hotel is not responsible in the event that your pet becomes sick or dies during the stay.

3. The hotel has provided a scenic area for pets to walk around. Open 7.00 – 19.00 hrs.

The contact number of the veterinary clinic
– Thonglor Pattaya Animal Hospital, 24 hours service : Call 038 423078
– North Pattaya Animal Hospital, Service 08.00 – 20.00 hrs. : Call 038 416 869