Hotel Facilities
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Facilities and Amenities

On behalf of Chon Chan Pattaya Beach, we are cordially grateful to welcome all of our visitors to be introduced with the best hospitality facility in Pattaya City and considered as one of the best hotels of choice rated by most visitors looking for private accommodation , family trip and group tourists. We have been accredited in terms of our hospitality and the potential of our accommodation kindly provided to everyone visiting us. We aim to promote our vision to be a central assembly site of all sorts of business conferences of Pattaya City and considered as a final destination of every traveler dreaming of one-stop-service recreational facility.

The large outdoor swimming pool was built under botanical surroundings and a fascinating garden situated in the best spot where all visitors are allowed to enjoy experiencing a long beach view. There are TWO recreational zones divided into adult and kid zones with a Jacuzzi water system so we can confirm every kid would be joyful and excited with water activities. For our facilities, the pool is fully equipped with safety concerns in any case of emergency. Moreover, we are available for beverage services provided. For all visitors who would like to enjoy pool-side drinking, we would like to introduce our Waves Pool Bar.

Available for a workout space designed for emphasizing privacy for all users applicable to access in the morning or afternoon as convenient. Every user can bring their own sports equipment when entering this sport zone. For tennis courts, there are private and training zones available and allocated in accordance with regulations and conditions made by the hotel. Please contact our staff before your entry.

Are available all-day with customary prices for you as a special guest to enjoy the best quality of coffee and desserts as well as meeting your friends. (Restaurant and bar are currently closed), This is located on the lobby floor where you and your partners could find this place entertaining and amusing for any special occasion. Additionally, “Rendezvous” is broadly well-known for its uniqueness in Pattaya City. 

You a special dining service for any of your special occasions.

This is an out-door bar named Waves Pool Bar,located nearby the pool ready to exclusively serve every guest with all sorts of beverages.

That sounds healthier to keep yourself working out. Cholchan Pattaya Beach Resort would like to be the one who gives your health and well-being importance so we are offering our fitness complex together with ready-to-use safety equipment provided to all guests. If you are interested in our fitness complex, please directly contact our hotel staff. Walkway at the Beachfront which is extended along the seaside suitable for multiple activities such as jogging, running, cycling and watching the sunset.

Internet Cafè is available for every guest who would like to surf the internet through our computer allocated with high-speed quality and accuracy. Please directly contact our staff to ask for this service accessibility which is free of charge and easy to be accessed by entering given passwords.